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“Haven’t you tried these amazing Japanese foods yet? come here”


Here are five representative Japanese foods that you must eat when you come to Japan.

It is no exaggeration to say that if you eat this, you will almost become Japanese lol

1, Sushi

As you all know, Japanese sushi is highly regarded around the world and has fans all over the world.

It would be difficult to understand Japan without eating sushi.

On the contrary, if you know sushi, you can say that you understand Japan.


Tempura is a deep-fried dish of shrimp and vegetables.

Unlike other fried foods, tempura is not greasy and has a light taste. It is a technique that can only be done by Japanese chefs.

The fried items are different depending on the shop, so that is also one of the pleasures.

3, Ramen

Ramen is a dish of noodles and meat in a soup.

Of course, Japan is the only place in the world where you can eat real ramen.

Ramen also has many types of soup, such as light and rich.

4, Matcha

There are many dishes that use matcha, which is representative of Japan, and all of them are exquisite.

Ice cream, brewed tea, cake.

It has a mild flavor that makes people happy.


Unagi is eel that is dipped in sauce and grilled.

Japanese people have a custom of eating on a certain day once a year.

Eating this will make you feel happy and give you energy for tomorrow.

Sum up

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