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【3 Recommend mountain 】in Tokyo


This time, we have carefully selected hiking spots that even beginners who have never hiked or mountaineered before can easily enjoy and are easily accessible by train or bus!

1,Mount Takao(高尾山)


・Altitude: 599m

・Required time: about 2 hours and 50 minutes (Kobotoke Pass – Mt. Takao route)

・Access: From JR/Keio Line Takao Station, take the bus bound for Kobotoke and get off at the Kobotoke bus stop.


1,Blessed with rich nature, this popular mountain is said to have the largest number of climbers in the world.

2,It was the first and only one in Tokyo to be certified as a “Japan Heritage”.

3,Choose from 9 hiking trails

4,Fuji can be seen from the summit

See the famous Japanese monster “Tengu”


2,Mt. Mitake(御岳山)


Mitake-san is a mountain with an altitude of 929m in Ome City, Tokyo.

・Altitude: 929m

・Required time: Depends on the course

・Access: Take a bus from JR Mitake Station and get off at Cable Shita bus stop


1,You can see a waterfall called Nanayo Falls

2,Mt. Mitake Gourmet -Blessings Created by Mountains and Water-

3,Mt. Mito(三頭山)


It has been selected as one of Japan’s 300 famous mountains and Yamanashi’s 100 famous mountains.

・Altitude: 1,531m

・Required time: Depends on the course

・Access: Take a bus from JR Musashi Itsukaichi Station and get off at Tomin no Mori


1,Variety of hiking trails

2,There are three peaks, “West peak”, “Central peak” and “East peak”.

3,Mito Otaki Waterfall

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